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Missionary work in Tanzania

The church building in Tanzania continues. We feel happy to be involved and help these communities that are expanding and need to build the facilities. We now have cost estimates for the two construction sites to which they need assistance to complete the construction. Want to help? Set when your contribution on our pg 87 34 76 - 6. Type "Tanzania."

For several years, we have by the newspaper Flames were with and supported missionary work in Tanzania.

The assistance to the mission in Tanzania consisted primarily of us helped with the church building. This is so that the native evangelists and pastors do themselves a structure of bricks. In addition to their work on producing bricks for the walls need the funds to the trusses, sheet metal for roofs and money to transport this. This is where we come in with this.
We get cost estimates of these costs and the photo when the churches walls are uppmurade and they need help with the above.

After we ship out means and the roofing is done we get photo of the completed church as well as receipts for the payments they paid for trusses, sheet metal for roofs, as well as transport.

One of our board members have served as a missionary in Tanzania, Gerth Svensson, he was in charge of contacts with Tanzania. Gerth was active in Trosgnistans mission and it is a part of this organization's work that we then entered using, as Faith spark is not itself have the means to these church building in addition to the extensive activities that they otherwise pursue.

We are now awaiting new projects, we have already been given notice about a dozen new church building is planned for 2017. If you want to be involved to ensure that the church building can be realized can send your gift through the flames.

We ship the donated gifts to Tanzania without administration costs. If you want help with this blessed mission to support communities, who look forward to a church to gather in, can send funds to: pg 87 34 76-6. Mark the slip "Tanzania".


Some of the churches that we conveyed medium seen above, they are located on sites: Rutunguru, Masa Guru, Kabusisi, Bulgi, Sudi, Miembeni, Lwezera, Kwinogongo, Lwamgasa, Kaibanja, Nyamakendo, Mbuye, Nyanduga, Nyamko, Kwitete, Nyaminigo, Geita , Gesarya Mugumu, Lwezera, Isamilo, Tobokora, Igogo, Kibeyo, Maguh, Bokora Kisa Gura, Inyara, Lwazi, Dodoma Nyabushozi, Nyanghwale, Kirongwe, Muganza, Kabaganga, Nyarubanga, Kaseni, Bukoba, Tabora, Buseresere, mpanda, Karutare, Kyaka, Chipogoro, Igombe, Nzera, Mwatulule, Dodoma, Tarime, Ganyinge, Manchari, Muguse, Mulole, Buzilayombo, Musoma, Zanziba, Nyehunge, Mugumu east, Mugusu, Masa Gura, Bugoma, Nyamboge, Nychunge, Bweya and Mtukula, Mwelani Chato, Biharamulu, Kahama Bukombe, Mwanekei, Bwerege, Nyansurura, Luseru Bunda, Mushumba, Kazima, Magogo, Mkondoni, Busa Rara Chato, Nyambogo, Bwerege, Sungunsila and Mwambasi. 

Faith Mission of Tanzania's organization as a newspaper Flames are with and supports a number of years. They are headquartered in Mwanza located at the southern end of Lake Victoria. The parish work is divided into ten regions where actually all but two are located around Lake Victoria. There is a small parish in the capital Dodoma and one more in Dar es Salaam, located in the Indian Ocean.

Thank you to everyone who has given us the help over the years, both through the intercession of work and through financial hardship. Several churches are now in line to get help with funds so that they can put roofs on their churches. These roofs usually have a cost of slightly more than SEK 20 000 per piece. Every contribution, both large and small are received with gratitude so that we can continue to support our Christian friends in Tanzania in their work for the Lord.

Our PG-account 87 34 76-6 is open to these gifts. Mark the slip "Tanzania."

Holger Nilsson

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