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The world economy hangs in the balance - Holger Nilsson

The world economy hangs in the balance

The two major world currencies, the dollar and the Euro is in the balance. Many are concerned about what might happen in the economic area.

Obama continues to lead the United States who is in debt to the amount that we can not even cover size. Obama is in a very special way connected to this great debt. He has during his time indebted United States more than all previous presidents together!
It's not just that the debt is already huge, it continues to grow at a rate of ten million dollars. Every minute! Read it again to realize the problem for the United States. Obama has no solution and no one else does either.
- What happens if the politicians do nothing? The issue got Alan Simpson, one of the two chairmen of the Financial Commission. He answers:
- Make sure to get a cave in the mountains and learn to eat gruel and berries.
World Currency Dollar, could face a collapse. It makes the whole world will be affected. You have to look around for a new economic system. The Bible has already predicted that such a will in the end times.

The joint EMU project is in flux. Not least Greece's difficulties and deficits have meant that the euro is facing major problems.
The question is whether Greece can cling to the euro, or be forced to leave it. The consequences of such withdrawal, no one knows all. The darkness of Greece thickens increasingly. Approximately 60% of young people unemployed.
Every third store in the center of Athens has closed. Hospitals can not get hold of medicine, when the money really has run out. There could be major popular uprisings.
The two largest world currencies, the dollar and the Euro is in a danger zone.

The impact is humanly difficult to grasp. But those who fix your eyes on the prophetic word is not surprised. In the prophetic word can also see what a coming crisis in the long run will lead to.

Holger Nilsson

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