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Ark of the Covenant rediscovered? - Holger Nilsson

Ark of the Covenant rediscovered?

Biblical covenant has been missing for over 2500 years. But soon we might with their own eyes can see it. It would be nothing less than a world sensation in that case.

That we are living in prophetic times are obvious to many. It is therefore not surprising that in these times may be involved much a part sensational events, which are linked to the Bible. This will be part of the ultimate future reality.
We have previously written about how to plan for a new Jewish temple in Jerusalem. For this, it has created a variety of objects, intended for the temple. These can see if you visit the Temple Institute in Jerusalem.

One of the items that are missing there, is the holiest of all the objects. But maybe that goods are now manufactured, will be complemented by the finest - namely the ark of the covenant.
What is called the Ark of the Covenant is a coffin and in the original Hebrew, the word "Aron". The word is also used for the coffin, such as when speaking of Joseph's coffin in 1 Ex. 50:26.
Ark of the Covenant is made ​​of acacia wood, both internally and externally coated with pure gold. The lid on top of the Ark of the Covenant is called mercy seat, and all of gold.

At the mercy seat are two cherubim of gold. They have wings over the mercy seat covers. Four gold rings were placed at the four corners of the Ark of the Covenant. These threaded rods that were used when the ark would be moved. The sheets were placed among other things, the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments. Ark of the Covenant was the most important and sacred of all the objects in the temple.
During the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem the years 588-586 b. AD, the temple was destroyed and since then the Ark of the Covenant had been missing. Historians believe that the Jews hid the ark. During this long period of more than 2 500 years, it has therefore been missing.

Therefore, the information on a possible discovery of the Ark in 1981 very interesting. A discovery of the Ark would not be just sensational. It would also trigger tensions and conflicts with the Muslim Arabs, who has control over the Temple Mount, with its shrines.
How sensitive area, which is the site of the former Jewish temples are, we have seen several expressions of recent years. Should something of greater importance to happen here, it can lead to a major war. This know the Israelis, and must therefore be wary of anything that is related to this place.
What happened in 1981 was that three rabbis went into an underground tunnel, which led to an underground room which is located under the Temple Mount. See the diagram below, where the underground room is highlighted.

The rabbis went into a tunnel that opens out onto a spot in a wall that surrounded the Temple Mount. Now, the rabbis allowed themselves to be interviewed about how they went into this tunnel and came into the underground room, where they claim that the covenant exists.
Pictured is one of the rabbis interviewed. He called Yedhude Getz and manage rabbi.

Another of the rabbis, who was present at this special occasion, was Rabbi Shlomo Goren. The rabbis tell us that when they had arrived at the room under the mountain, they were dissuaded by Israeli guards who guard the Temple Mount. The fact that we live in exciting and prophetic times, is fascinating. Too bad that so many are occupied by so many other things, that they have no concept at all of this.

Holger Nilsson

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