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The beast is hailed - Holger Nilsson

The beast is hailed

The EU is celebrating its 50th anniversary. 25 March 1957 signed the Treaty of Rome, the basis for the European Union that we have today. Considering that it may be good that we are reminded of the prophetic perspective.

The Bible predicts that a great power should occur in the last days. You can also read out from the prophecies that it should be where the ancient Roman Empire was. One need not be very familiar with Bible prophecy to be able to see the connection. Yes, actually it is so clear that even in secular contexts have perceived this, yes even in the major power in Europe there is an understanding of this. You wrote in his own newspaper The European Community Magazine, No. 10-75 as this, concerning the Treaty of Rome, celebrated this year: 'The EC Treaty of Rome supports the interpretation of Daniel and Revelation about'ändetidens rike' is a new Roman empire. " Clearer than it can hardly be said! (On Flammors website there are 50 items for those who want to study it more.)
The EU Parliament has allocated the whole 80 million (!) For the celebration of the 50th anniversary. There is an injustice in itself. It is taxpayers' money that is now the power elite appropriate to themselves to be in the festivities, while the people who pay are outside participation. Wickedness name. Shameful is the surname.

It is one that should be said. The second is a prophetic warning to be raised, now when you sit in the banquet hall this year to have a party. A note of caution has formerly been at parties that God rejects. Now is the time to recall what happened in the banquet hall when King Belshazzar, the future great power, held the feast (Daniel 5). A divine warning by a finger then wrote on the wall of the banquet hall: "Mene Mene Tekel UPHARSIN". The prophet Daniel interpreted the writing which among other things means: "God has numbered the days of your kingdom and made an end of it."

So it is with this superpower empire which we now have and that is prophesied. God has set a limit to this kingdom, and in its decision, it is already stated that he has "made an end of it." One end with horror.

Now is the time that a prophet voices are raised in our time and reveals what the divine prophet of the word has to say about our time superpower. It's not about standing with hat in hand, bowing and impressed by the enormity of what people now based in Europe. It's about having a prophetic vision and see how God looks at it, but also have the courage to carry it out. That is what our time of need!

Holger Nilsson

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