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The struggle of man

There is a spiritual battle between darkness and light forces of every human being. It's just that some do not realize this. Many have however gained strength and experienced the reality of this struggle.

To deny the existence of both Jesus as Satan is to reject amounts of people's testimony about personal experiences of both Jesus as God's Adversary and the forces of darkness.

Who has the right to dismiss all those experiences and explain them as delusions? It's actually not credible to do so. In most other cases, we take people's testimony as true.

If you then examine more closely what it is that has such experiences, you will find in most cases that it is common and credible people.

When it comes to the reality of evil and the confrontation with these forces, it is above all those that have come in to the dark areas, which can tell us about terrible and frightening experiences.  

We think of different approaches to the occult field, which made the eerie experiences. It can range from the so-called "walking glass" to seances, shamanism and other occult performer.

We give here some links for those who want to take part of some who made personal experiences of the evil spirit world, but which has been exempt from these powers:




When it comes to people's experience of the good spirit world and Jesus there is obviously a lot of those taking part. A compilation of some of these have been made by Dr Gunnar Hillerdal in the book "They saw and heard Jesus." The book is out of print but can interlibrary loan by libraries or purchased through Bokbörsen: http://www.bokborsen.se/

These different personal experiences is really a challenge to take part. You are not convinced yet, you have everything to gain to form your own opinion by, for example, learn from other people's experience. Simply having a dismissive attitude is unfair and simplified approach to what people at all times have been a testimony of.

There is a great spiritual quest of our time and it is important to find the bright and good way.

Holger Nilsson

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